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Russian: Перерабатывающая способность

The terminal throughput of the cargo depots is calculated by means of mechanization and by capacity (area) of storehouse (see Warehouse capacity) separately for all cargo and containers using the following formulas:

Calculation of the processing capacity for all cargo except containers

1) by means of mechanization for all cargo, cars / day, except containers:

{P_M}=\frac{Z_M Q_{CM} n_{cm} b_n}{P_{ct} (2-a_n)} ;

2) by area (capacity) of storehouse for all cargo, cars / day, except containers:

{P_{SKL}}=\frac{F_{SKL} H}{T_{xp} (1-a_n) P_{ct} K_{dop}} ;

Calculation of the terminal throughput for containers

1) by means of mechanization, containers:

{P_M^K}=\frac{Z_M Q_{CM} n_{cm} b_n}{ (2-a_n)}

2) by area (capacity) of storehouse, containers:

{P_{SKL}^K}=\frac{F_{SKL}}{T_{xp} (1-a_n) K_{dop} f_{kont}} ;


  • \!\mbox {P}_\mbox {ct} = quiescent load of the car;
  • \!\mbox {b}_\mbox {n} = coefficient that considers breaks in the work of loading and unloading front during supply, cleaning and rearrangement of cars;
  • \!\mbox {F}_\mbox {SKL} = area of storehouse;
  • \!\mbox {H} = load on 1 sq.m of storehouse, t/sq.m.;
  • \!\mbox {T}_\mbox {xp} = keeping time of cargo in storehouse, days;
  • \!\mbox {K}_\mbox {dop} = coefficient accounting for storehouse area needed for passages;
  • \!\mbox {f}_\mbox {kont} = area of one container (intermediate bulk container– 5,4 sq.m.; high capacity 20-foot container - 14,5 sq.m.).

After calculating:

  • \!\mbox{P}_\mbox {M} and \!\mbox {P}_\mbox {SKL} a lower value is taken. It is compared with the required processing capacity.

If the estimated processing capacity does not meet the required processing capacity, the following measures to increase processing capacity, requiring or not requiring capital investment, are stipulated:

  • Construction or increase in the area (capacity) of storehouse;
  • Purchase of new machinery with higher efficiency;
  • Reducing of keeping time;
  • Increase in transfer of the cargo on direct scheme.
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