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Russian: Международный логистик-микс

Effectiveness and efficiency of international logistics management depends sine qua non on a set of well-arranged and well-performed logistics functions, such as[1]: customer service; demand forecasting; documentation flow; handling returns; inter-plant movements; inventory management (inbound, plant, and outbound); parts/service support; materials handling; order processing; plant and warehouse site selection; production scheduling; protective packaging; purchasing; salvage scrap disposal; traffic management; and warehouse and distribution center management. Not all of these functions are equally specific for the international logistics management and some of them (more specific in this sense) are highlighted in italics herein. The case of international logistics – due to such simple and the most important factor of international trade as crossing borders – demands to add to the list of italicized items above some other items defined by the sense and scope of the three-fold international logistics channel[2]:

Genetic Connection between Concepts of Marketing Mix and Logistics Mix[3]

L MIX E.jpeg

7R E.jpeg


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