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Russian: Экспедитор

Forwarder, Freight Forwarder, Foreign Freight Forwarder - An independent business that dispatches shipments for exporters for a fee. The firm may ship by land, air, or sea, or it may specialize. Usually it handles all the services connected with an export shipment, including preparation of documents, booking cargo space, warehousing, pier delivery, and export clearance. The firm may also handle banking and insurance services on behalf of a client.[1] Some of forwarder's activities related terms are presented further:[2]

  • (1) forwarder’s certificate of receipt (FCR) - non-negotiable document issued by a freight forwarder to certify that he has assumed control of a specified consignment, with irrevocable instructions to send it to the consignee indicated in the document or to hold it at his disposal;
  • (2) forwarder’s certificate of transport is a document issued by a freight forwarder to certify that he has taken charge of a specified consignment for despatch and delivery in accordance with the consignor’s instructions, as indicated in the document, and that he accepts responsibility for delivery of the goods to the holder of the document through the intermediary of a delivery agent of his choice; this document is negotiable if issued “to order”;
  • (3) forwarding document - a document with transportation instructions for handling the goods; this document is issued by a shiper for the forwarder;
  • (4) forwarder’s warehouse receipt - a document issued by a freight forwarder acting as Warehouse Keeper acknowledging receipt of goods placed in a warehouse, and stating or referring to the conditions which govern the warehousing and the release of goods.; this document contains detailed provisions regarding the rights of holders-by-endorsement, transfer of ownership, etc.;
  • (5) forwarding instructions - document issued to a freight forwarder, giving instructions regarding the action to be taken by the forwarder for the forwarding of goods described therein.


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