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Russian: Предварительное уведомление об отгрузке

An advanced shipping notice (ASN) is an electronic document that compliments a packing list and a bill of lading. ASN documents are an integrated component of electronic data interchange (EDI). Whereas a packing list might refer to items on a pallet, and a bill of lading refers to an entire shipment and is a legal document attesting to the transfer of product from a shipper to a carrier, an ASN does not physically accompany a shipment, but is rather used to provide advance information about the contents of a shipment. Integration of ASN into enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems by both the buyer and seller can significantly reduce receiving costs as bar code information can be included in ASN documents. An additional benefit is that buyers have information in advance about shipments and can therefore better manage fill rates by reallocating product in the current shipment or in future shipments.

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